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Yep! Over the past 5 years, we’ve perfected our box technology so that your trees and shrubs arrive to you safely and in perfect health. If there was a Tree-Packing Olympics, we’d probably be gold medal winners.

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Browse our selection of living gifts for all occasions and every season! A locally grown gift from Growing Home is uniquely perfect and will be cherished for many years to come.

Our gifts are locally grown and ready to delight.

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Tree Types With Non-Invasive Roots

Trees are a beautiful addition to every yard – they bring in beauty, ornamentation, structure, attraction for birds, and shade to a yard. However, the main reason why often homeowners would avoid planting trees in their yard is their invasive roots that might obstruct home foundations or invade underground water and gas pipelines causing expensive […]

Top 13 Heat Tolerant Trees

When summers are at their peak, nothing feels better than a tree that offers shade and some space from the searing sun. While trees online save you against the blazing sun, they might suffer severe damage from direct summer sunlight and a high temperature. Not all trees perform well in the heat, but some specific […]

The Least Messy Trees to bring home

When choosing the trees to plant in your yard, must ask yourself what kind of qualities you are looking for. You probably envision your garden densely populated with short, fast-growing trees, or you may want more shrubs to your garden that can serve as privacy screens. Or maybe you want species that would survive the […]